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Blockchain Coffee

If you're anything like us, you live and breathe crypto.

...and survive on coffee. (Too much, usually. It's OK. We've been there.)

We wanted a coffee brand tailored especially for active crypto traders like us. But it didn't exist.

So we made one.

Introducing Blockchain Coffee. Shipping in January 2019.

Two Exclusive Blends

Choose between Bitcoin Blend, a classic medium roast and a great store of value; or Ethereum Roast, a darker flavor profile with higher complexity.

Our Beans

We've partnered with a top-tier roaster to blend coffee to our exact specifications. You'll taste the uncompromising quality in every cup.

Coffee Talk

Gain access to our private chat server for crypto and coffee enthusiasts. Available only to verified purchasers.

Cafe Sales

We're now accepting inquiries from select cafes to carry Blockchain Coffee beans in-store. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more.


How do I order Blockchain Coffee?

Hang tight until January 2019 when we will begin taking orders at our online store.

What do I get if I sign up now?

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Will I be able to pay with Bitcoin?


Who is behind this?

A team of crypto and coffee obsessives in San Francisco, California.

Where can I follow you?

Follow us on Instagram at @blockchain.coffee

Follow us on Twitter at @blckchaincoffee

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